Sparkles & Scribbles

I decided to brush up my makeup skills, not that they are great otherwise but I thought its a good thing to know. Definitely handy for someone who can’t even draw a straight line with an eye liner without drawing a few squiggles around the eye- get it right on the third attempt and I’ll consider it a good day.

So I booked myself an appointment with the lovely Bianca at Bobbi Brown Fenwick. She was brilliant and drew magical strokes with a wave of her wand in just a few minutes. However something that should have taken 20 minutes ended up taking a little longer as I pestered away with my questions and made her take pictures of each step so that I could try this at home.

Bobbi Brown is my absolute favorite and 90% of the products I use are from them. My fascination started from a lipstick called ‘true pink’ – a colour I adore.


We started off with some cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The hydrating eye cream is a new addition to my kit as previously I wasn’t really sold on the idea of applying an eye cream but it really does make a difference, especially during the cold when the skin dries up a lot more rapidly.


I like the stick as it allows you to decide how much coverage you want depending on the time of the day. I use natural no. 4.

Now for the eyes……


Eyes are the hardest but Bianca made it sound like a cake walk, I am hoping I can do something similar this weekend. So we used a brown base color and topped it up with a little bit of sparkle. A fine line along the edge followed by a bit of smudging to create a slightly smokey eye. Nothing too dark, just how I like it.


Don’t forget the eye corrector and concealer specially when you are going on a night out. It brightens up the under eye and lifts up the whole look. All this time I have been avoiding these products as I felt they take up too much time but genuinely they do make a world of a difference. They still haven’t made it to my day makeup routine but I will be spending those extra 2 minutes in the evening from now on thanks to the lovely make up artists at Bobbi Brown.

We used cocoa, all spice and rich brown shadows and a gel eyeliner in black to create this look.


Who doesn’t like a bit of shimmer. The famous BB shimmer brick in brown tones works as a great bronzer highlighter.


I am not very experimental when it comes to the lips and cheeks. I like to stick to pinks and nudes so this time we went for the nude peach blush and a pink beige lip color.


I loved my look and was really pleased with the lesson. The Bobbi Brown artists have successfully taught me some simple techniques and added a sparkle to my scribbles .



This had to be paired with one of my favorite dresses. Photo and artwork credit to A and his app.


More on the look and and night out tomorrow……


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