Daddy in town usually means lots of eating out. I have been saving up going to this restaurant for a while now and we finally made it last weekend. We were lucky enough to get a reservation only because they haven’t done a massive PR launch yet, but I highly recommend calling up before as it’s soon going to be one of the highlight restaurants of 2016.

Estiatoria Milos is on St James’s and you just don’t know what to expect behind those closed doors. It took me by surprise. It almost felt like I had been transported to another land – possibly somewhere in Greece or maybe even New York. It was the perfect combination of sexy and relaxed


That door did lead to some really good looking people and even better food and wine.


We all dunked into the dips as soon as they were put on the table and the bowls were wiped out before you could say Greek Yogurt! The red pepper and feta was the first one down.

Next up we were taken to the market place and had to choose our meat, fish and veg.





We went for the red snapper, a few lamb chops and a mix of the bright and beautiful vegetables.


Goes without saying that we couldn’t have left without ordering the family favorite, a portion of crispy fried squid.


The Greek salad was so fresh that it almost seemed like someone had gone and plucked the tomatoes and cucumbers from my grandma’s garden.


Tender juicy lamb chops simply grilled. I like mine medium to well.


The fish wasn’t the prettiest dish but it was up there with its flavour. Milos doesn’t believe in too much spice or flavouring-  they just want you to experience each ingredient in its organic form. The snapper was also grilled with salt and served with olive oil, lemon and some capers.


There’s always space for some dessert. Try as I might-  I just cant seem to remember the name of this dessert but its a cross between a cake and a baklava, I am not sure if I am making any sense but you have to try it even if you don’t have a sweet tooth. We also ordered yogurt with fruit and flower compote and that’s the one I am going to try and replicate at home. The rose and honey compote was divine.


I couldn’t help but post another picture of the peppers, aren’t they just absolutely stunning. Please go and try Milos for peppers sake.


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