Bang Bang

Last weekend’s exploration was all about Bang Bang! The food was definitely ‘bang’ on considering I am a fan of Vietnamese. A small canteen style family run restaurant on Warren Street will definitely be a place that I will frequent a lot considering its only a short walk away and the exciting bit is they also do bubble tea! I wont babble anymore and tempt you with what we ate that afternoon.


Crispy fried squid is an absolute essential. Loved the fact that it was tossed with fresh red chillies, coriander and shallots.


The little brother is a massive duck fan so we ordered it two ways. A fresh summer roll bursting with aromas and a deep fried spring roll stuffed with lots of duck and a hint of salad.


Anything but healthy. I could eat it all by myself.


This was my favorite, papaya salad and shredded chicken with a honey chili dressing. The eyes were watering and there was steam blowing out of the ears but the salad was a dream.


We didn’t think much of the Vietnamese chicken curry but if you like things on the milder side of life you might just enjoy this.


The bao’s are considered quite trendy currently and a lot of places have them on their menu. We tried the chargrilled lime leaf chicken and liked it enough to order a second one. Would definitely try the pork belly one on our next visit.

You can find them here

A satisfying meal followed by some furniture shopping made for a good Saturday.


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